“WooCommerce Smart Pricing” Documentation by “Ozibal” v1.0

“WooCommerce Smart Pricing”

Created: 6/6/2017
By: Ozibal
Email: ozibal@gmail.com


Thank you for purchasing my plugin. If you have any problems beyond the scope of this help file, please do not hesitate to contact me here. Thanks so much!

Table of Contents

  1. How does it work
  2. Which language support is available ?
  3. Installation
  4. Settings

A) How does it work ? - top


This plugin works under WooCommerce. Allows you to specify different prices for different user roles. Supports single user based rules. You can give discount or increase to a specific user or role base. You can set the smart price rules as a percentage or amount. You can set smart price definition for multiple roles or users. You can set smart price conditions for products on the cart.


B) Which language support is available ? - top

Full language support is available. English and Turkish language support is included in the package. If you help me, I can translate in your language with a little text.

Please mail me here for this.

C) Installation - top

With Ftp
  1. Unzip the compressed file. (smartpricing.zip)
  2. Copy the plugin folder (smart-pricing) to the / wp-content / plugins / folder.
With Admin Panel(wp-admin)
  1. Go to Plugins / Add New menu
  2. Click ‘Install Plugin’ button
  3. Click ‘Choose File’ button
  4. Choose compressed file (smartpricing.zip) and click “install now’ button.

Activate the smart pricing plugin from plugins menu.
You can customize the Smart Pricing plugin under the WooCommerce menu.

Note: If other versions of the plugin were previously installed, uninstall it first.

D) Settings - top

You can adjust the plugin settings in the "Smart Pricing" section under the "WooCoomerce" tab.

Role Based
Click for role-based rule. A new box will be added. Select the role from which you will create a rule from the list.

User Based
Click for user-based rule. A new box will be added. Search the user to create a rule from your users database.

Product Based
Click for product-based rule. A new box will be added. Search the product to create a rule from your products database. These Rules are only activated on the cart and apply discount your products price.

Product based rules work together with user-base and role-base rules.
In cases where both rules are met, the first user-based or role-based rule is execute and then the product-based rule is execute.

If you select the category ( with [category] tag ) , it will give a discount on all products in the category you select.

For example ;
Your product price is : $ 100
User-based rule : Discount - Rate - 20
Product-based rule : (If quantity is bigger than : 5) Rate - 10

First gets 20% discount : The product price is $ 80
Then gets 10% discount : The price of the product on the cart is $ 72 (per product)

If quantity is bigger than
If the product is in the quantity you specify on the cart, the discount is applied.

If cart total is bigger than
If cart total above the indicated price, discount applied on the product.
Attention !
The rule is product based. The discount is applied separately to each product in the selected product or product category.
For the product, you have created a rule to apply a discount of $ 20 over a cart total of $ 100. There are 3 pieces in the cart. A total discount of 3 x 20 = $ 60 will apply, as each product will be discounted separately.

It allows the price to be discount.

It will increase the price.

It accepts the given amount as a ratio. (Do not put a percent sign)

Amount processed directly.

Just enter a price. (Do not put any currency)

User-based rules are prioritized. If both user-based and role-based rules are defined, user-based rules apply.

Zero or Negative Control
Prevents product prices from being zero or negative. If the product price is zero or negative during the application of the rules, the number entered in this area is replaced by the product price.

Minimum Limit Control
Sets the lower limit price for product prices. If during the application of the rules the price of the product drops below the limit you entered, the number entered in this area is replaced by the product price.

WooCommerce Extra Variation
Rules apply for variation prices.
Appears if the WooCommerce Extra Variation plugin is installed.

Do not worry, WooCommerce Extra Variation plugin is fully supported.

Delete : Deletes the rule

Visibility : Activates or Deactives the rule

Priority : Specifies the priority if more than one rule definition exists for the same product.

If all conditions are equal, the highest discount is applied.

Once again, thank you so much for purchasing this plugin. As I said at the beginning, I'd be glad to help you if you have any questions relating to this plugin. No guarantees, but I'll do my best to assist. If you have a more general question relating to the plugins on ThemeForest, you might consider visiting the forums and asking your question in the "Item Discussion" section.


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