“WooCommerce Remind Me” Documentation by “Ozibal” v1.0

“ WooCommerce Remind Me ”

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A) How does it work ? -

Sends special reminders to your customers.

This plugin runs under the "WooCommerce" online sales plugin. Places a great-looking animated bell icon on the product pages. Your customers can type in email addresses and add a reminder. Automatically sends e-mail when the product arrives or price is down. The bell view, the contents of the email and mores you can personalize everything for your site. You can see the list of emails, you can get information about their status.


B) Which language support is available ? -

Full language support is available. English and Turkish language support is included in the package.

Special thanks !

_______________ language support was added. Thanks to _______________ for the translation.

If you help us to translate in different languages, we can write your name in this area.
Please mail me here for this.

C) Installation -

With Ftp
  1. Unzip the compressed file. (remindme.zip)
  2. Copy the plugin folder (remind-me) to the / wp-content / plugins / folder.
With Admin Panel(wp-admin)
  1. Go to Plugins / Add New menu
  2. Click ‘Install Plugin’ button
  3. Click ‘Choose File’ button
  4. Choose compressed file (remindme.zip) and click “install now’ button.

Activate the Remind Me plugin from plugins menu.
You can customize the Remind Me plugin under the WooCommerce menu.

Note: If other versions of the plugin were previously installed, uninstall it first.

D) Settings -

You can adjust the plugin settings in the "Remind Me" section under the "WooCommerce" tab.

Plugin settings consist of four parts.

  1. Settings
  2. Messages
  3. Email
  4. List


1 - Settings -

You can enable your customers to record 'Remind me to' to receive an email notification when a product in stock or down in price. When you select the options, the 'Remind Me' icon will appear on the product pages next to the product title.
For out of stock products, remind me when stock is available. In the products that are in stock, remind me when the price is down option is shown. The two options are not displayed at the same time.

Tip !
You can edit the description and other messages in the 'messages' area.


When your customers click on the icon, they can save a reminder by entering their email address.

You can customize the icon to be displayed in the 'Icon Set' section according to your theme.


Tip !
You can customize the remindme-style.css file to suit your own site.



2 - Messages -

You can edit the description and other messages in this field.



3 - Email -

You can edit the email template that will be sent to your customers. You can create an interactive draft using the [Smart Message] tag in the email content.

[Smart Message]
The tag creates an intelligent message for the selected reminder. In the e-mail sent to your customer, the description you add in the message field is added to the field to which you have added this tag under the product name (with clickable link).



4 - List -

Reminders recorded by your customers are listed in this area. The list includes email addresses, reminder type, and status, respectively. You can delete the desired reminder by pressing the garbage icon.


Tip !
You can get information about the situation by keeping the mouse cursor on the symbols.



E) CSS -

The plugin keeps all the styles in the 'remindme-style.css' file. You can customize this file by editing this file.



Once again, thank you so much for purchasing this plugin. As I said at the beginning, I'd be glad to help you if you have any questions relating to this plugin. No guarantees, but I'll do my best to assist. If you have a more general question relating to the plugins on ThemeForest, you might consider visiting the forums and asking your question in the "Item Discussion" section.


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